Influence of music on the person


What role is played with music in our life?
It appears, and it depends on personal features of the person. So the fan to listen to music constantly and to create to itself mood by means of carefully picked up favourite melodies very much depends that surrounds it. At such person astable nervous system. It is sensitive and emotional. The impressionability often does its vulnerable. And here the person, got used to use music as romantic attribute, is pragmatic. It has very much concrete concepts about that as as should occur. Often such people exist under carefully thought over scripts. They are afraid and do not like to change to habits, therefore are predicted enough. To relax and have a rest under music the people prefer, compelled the most part of time to behave in strict frameworks. They suffer because, that do not presume to be natural, therefore dump the collected pressure under favourite compositions. If the person considers necessary presence of a constant musical background, not caring of its maintenance and quality, it is possible to speak that it is afraid to remain alone with by itself. It so is not self-assured, that it is pursued constantly with fears – to not cope with own emotions, to not justify expectation of associates, to get confused in a situation and to appear helpless and many other things.
To not less important, which music prefer to listen this or that person. On this theme we wanted will stop more in detail. We offer you descriptions of personal features of the people preferring music of certain character.
Fast, bright and emotional music, such as a rock-and-roll or the Latin American melodies, the people who are feeling fear emptiness listen. Such people are characterized egoist, with irritability and fieriness. They suffer chronic uncertainty in, painful sensitivity and sensitivity. Such person can be satisfied with nothing, it is afraid to be deprived. It so is strained, that often it appears simply unable to take pleasure in a life, therefore searches more and more strong sensations. Trying to fill hated emptiness, it often chooses extreme kinds of rest.
Musical styles, free enough from the point of view of a step, but with a strongly pronounced rhythm, such as progressive, House, trance, dance, the hard-barks and da-bass (modern electronic noise music), is preferred by the people who are feeling fear constraint, before restrictions and obstacles. Above all they keep for own independence. Such person aspires to satisfy all the needs, remaining free. It achieves the purposes any, even the most unattractive methods. The deceit and blackmail, coquette and treachery – this person shuns nothing. The impression is often made, that it lives for the sake of reception of pleasures.
Slow, quiet music, such as popular romantic melodies, national songs, country music and church choral church chanting, the people choose, aspiring to be protected from excitation. They are afraid irritation and the condition of rest wish to reach. To achieve objects in view, not straining and not being nervous, such person takes of a position of the sufferer. It uses sympathy of surrounding people in own interests. Usually it and itself a sting of, including any trouble in the life unfair test.
Mathematics pure music, for example national, mid-flight, classical (Bah, Vivaldi, Handel), people who very much require stability choose. They, as small children, very much are afraid to be lost in this big world. Such person is provident and mistrustful. It is similar to a snail who at the slightest hint on danger is hidden in the small house. It is assured, that a constancy of habits – an attribute of stability, therefore is frequent сonclusion uncountable quantity rituals which execution considers as vital necessity.
All described above at all does not mean, that the offered characteristics completely correspond to you, as within day the condition of the person can vary depending on where it is and in what role it appears. Before light eyes of own heads you can sing about yourselves a dead march, and hanging above the careless son to scroll in a head a hymn of Soviet Union.
Predilections which we are going to discuss further, remain with the person for long years. You, possibly, noticed, that during the certain periods of a life people can take a great interest in different styles of music. Therefore the small dictionary which we offer you, will help to diagnose a condition of the person at the given stage of development.
Jazz. A jazz, a blues and a rhythm-and-blues. Duke Ellington, Charly Parker, Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, BB King, « Rolling Stones » - such music to listen people sociable. They feel pleasure from sensation of "jointness" - they like to be engaged in the general activity. Being accepted to business from the companies of adherents, they become similar to hazardous players.
Classical music. Only to classics the people strongly anxious by own image essentially listen. They want, that them considered as the intelligent, refined natures. To them are peculiar ambition and sanctimonious on world around.
Popular music.
Foreign music. (Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Madonna) helps will relax and to have a rest practically to any person who within day should behave in hands. It is emotional and opened, but compelled to hide true feelings by virtue of circumstances.
Semantic music. (Alla Pugacheva, Valery Leontev, etc.). To it listen for the sake of the text in which the person can find a situation similar to that in what it lives, or on the contrary – empathizing the character of a song, to feel what does not suffice it. Such person usually very long experiences own failures and not able to express own feelings and emotions adequately.
Noise. (« a disco Failure », "Arrows") – such music can involve the person who has got used easily to concern by a life. It does not love serious attitudes, does not incur the responsibility for as aspires to freedom and independence of all.
The Latin American music. People who have problems with sexual self-determination like to listen to these incendiary and temperamental melodies (Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias). It is complex to them to feel in itself attractive the man or the seductive woman, to grow fond of itself such what is. This music helps them to be released for a while even from complexes and clips, to accept the body and to become sexual.
The art-fate. («Genesis» « Jethro Tull ») it is music for the people who are not accepting aggression which they are ready to suffer in relation to themselves, but at all do not wish to show. They are unpretentious and not ambitions, appreciate deep, sincere and confidential attitudes with people and take of a passive vital position.
Domestic fate. ("crematorium" «Alisa») is a symbol of the protest. It is preferred by the people, aspiring to be separated from world around, to prove, that differ from the majority of people. Strongly pronounced individualism is peculiar to them, is frequent they spitefuls, suffer the underestimated self-estimation.
Psychedelic. («Doors», « Pink Floyd », « Van der Graaf Generator », « King Crimson »). This music is listened by the people inclined to depressions. They often feel a hopelessness, feebleness. Indecision, a low self-estimation and disbelief in own abilities is peculiar to them.
Fate-ballad. («Metallica», «Scorpions») listen the people, affording to relax. They are romantic and usually do not hesitate to show own feelings.
(« Led Zeppelin », « Motor Head », « Deep Purple », «Nazareth», «Aerosmith») the person requiring an emotional discharge, emission of the collected aggression can listen to heavy fate. It is in a constant pressure. Its self-estimation is underestimated, therefore quite often such person is protected by means of a position « I bad, and it is pleasant to me ».
Rap, Hip-Hop.
It is music for the person in awkward age. A symbol of revolt, aggression, opposition of to world around. A call and provocation.
Songs « about a life as it is ». Such music is preferred by people categorical and uncompromising – they divide all on « white and black ». They cannot pay attention to thin nuances of attitudes. They are authoritative and often aggressive. Men with such musical taste usually have превратное representation about "courage". They are convinced, that the present to the man should not show sensuality and emotion. Such people are friends, love and hate equally passionately.
Electronic music.
It is better approaches as a background. The fan of this style can appear the person inclined long to experience failure. It is sensitive and emotional, and its self-estimation is a little bit underestimated.

Get accustomed more closely to the relatives. If the person unexpectedly changes own preferences, probably, to it there is that that serious. In such situation your attention, support can be necessary for it or easier to listen and understand readiness.
Now, many young men (girls including) prefer to listen to music mixed. That is what means mixed? That is they like to listen to different styles simultaneously. And to me it seems to these people it is peculiar variability of behaviour and hypocrisy. However it not an exact material, about young men..

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